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Video Clips


-Creation Story

-Lesson in Understanding and Forgiveness

-Lord's Prayer

-Armor of God

-Parable of the Good Samaritan

-Parable of the Good Shepherd

-Parable of the Rich Man

-Sermon on the Mount

-Ten Commandments

About Us

Dear brothers and sisters in the love of Christ,

We hold in deep reverence the sacredness of the Bible and its holy texts, fully understanding the significance of preserving its textual integrity. No endeavor could ever claim to be as comprehensive and profound, especially when it comes to video clips or books with Kid-friendly tales, which often tend to adopt a simplified and superficial approach.

However, if you're seeking engaging tools to impart captivating biblical teachings to the little ones, the works presented here, brimming with accessible language, a child-friendly approach, and adorned with beautiful illustrations, can prove to be a valuable choice.

Crafted with the intent of embodying an act of charity for people in need and conveying the love and teachings of Jesus in a manner accessible to children, this work offers a delightful adventure and a shared journey of discovery into the wonderful stories of love and compassion found within the transformative messages of our Master Jesus.

May the peace and love of Christ always abide with us.

Warm regards!

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